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We group, connect and manage skills of trustful people
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We passionately apply a taylormade conception to all of our projects
Every part of our works is conceived as a brick to build something continuously growing
Our job lives and grows on the web but we do not forget materics
Digital projects has never been clearer
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Going deeper
IMAGE: Motion graphic, Photo Shooting, Editorial Graphics, Catalogues, Logos, Visual concepts, Web design, Trade Fair installations, Advertising, Videostreaming & socialstreaming, Webinar & videotraining for professionals, Corporate video services, Brand channel, Digital storytelling, Tv format, Web format (webseries, social specifics)
DEVELOPMENT: Project, UX/UI, Custom CMS, MVC, Web Based Software, Apps, Digital Signage Software and Interfaces, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI, Management Software, Games
CONTENT: SEO analysis, Copywriting, SEO maintenance, Data Entry, Content maintenance, Editorial Plans, Translations
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